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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bit tight?

I went for a second barium test on Friday to check to see how tight my band really is. It's weird, some days I can (slowly) eat most things - ie I can go out for dinner and not look like a freak, and have sensible food, maybe a tiny piece of the side bread, and as long as I take my time and don't overeat all is fine. These days are brilliant.

However there are other days when I have trouble with everything. Wow this makes it so embarrassing going out for meals (and amongst my friends/colleagues etc we tend to eat out a lot), and I had one of those experiences yesterday. My best friend's mum took me out for lunch, and I just couldn't eat anything. The waiter kept coming over wondering why I wasnt eating, and it looked like I was a bulimic when I had to keep heading off to the bathroom. At least my friend's mum knows about the band, but I don't necessarily want to tell everyone I meet about it!

I regularly have the same issue with my boyfriend (! more on that later...) - he knows about the band, but I think it's still hard for him when we have dinner (in or out) and I barely touch it.

The other bad thing is that while "good" food (ie nutritious, normal food) sometimes doesn't go down, you can bet that crap food (ie chocolate, icecream) generally will.

So anyway, I went for the barium meal thing, and this was so much of a quicker process. The first time I went I had to drink at least a whole cup full before they got a decent picture, but this time I only needed 2 sips and it was all done. It looks like I'm just a tad tighter than I should be - they recommended that I may need just a small de-fill. Anyhoo, I have an appointment with the band nurse at the end of this month, so can discuss then. The good news is that I have lost some weight - although no idea how much as my scales are broken! It's actually quite liberating not stepping on them, instead I'm just keeping a track of how my clothes feel/sit and how my wobbly tummy looks ;)

Yep, I am officially someone's girlfriend. It feels lovely. Infact I have been Tim's girl for a little while now (he's the pilot). The hardest thing is not seeing him for at times because he's away flying. Whenever I see him it's amazing, but wow I do miss him when he's away...and this tends to bring out the inner crazy. Eeek! The relationship is not without ups and downs (what relationship is?!), but I just really hope it works out... One amazing thing is that Tim likes me the way I am, whether i lose weight or not. I can't tell you what a relief that is, but perhaps doesn't encourage me to stay entirely on the waggon...

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