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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Settling down

Pouf I was a bit worried at times over the first week after the band tightening, and there are still moments when the band seems to have a life of its own.

So - first week - I did liquids for a whole week. Have never done this for a whole week after band tightening, but it's only when the band is actually tight that I understand why this is necessary. Gives you time to get used to the band, and time for the band to get used to you. When it's actually tight, nothing is like it was before. You can't gulp water (it's weird - you take a large mouthful, and then can feel it draining through). And you know what, one morning for an hour even water didn't go down. I got really quite worried then! Told myself not to panic and just wait it out (and then it was fine...). I also have found that certain fluids were just got good at different times - for example orange juice first thing in the morning was too acidic (never had this problem before), and a glass of milk was the best thing.

So then I started on mushy stuff, thinking that would just drain through like the fluids. Oh nope. I have to have small mouthfulls of mushy stuff and give that time to slip through the band, before taking more. If I have swallowed too much, then water won't help flush it through., it just means I would have to PB.

In fact, now that I'm onto solids I think that mush and solids need to be treated in the same way. At times I think it's easier to eat certain solids than mushy stuff. Mashed potato is a total no-no for me, just blocks up the band hole like glue. I love hummus, but even that I have to be careful with. Very sadly, lentil soup also seems difficult for me...(sadly because, as predominantly a veggie, lentils are a staple for me!) - the lentils are so little that you feel like they can;t be chewed, however they collectively seem to block up the band hole.

So onto the solids (carefully, going back to liquids for breakfast (milk/milky drinks) and sometimes lunch (smooth soup) to "warm up" the band...
Things I can eat that I thought I wouldn't be able to: crackers. 
Things that I'm having problems with: pulses and peas (just need to remember to chewchewchew even though they are tiny), anything mushy (guacamole, chips, squash, pumpkin)
Things that are ok as long as I think carefully when I eat: chicken, salad
Things that slip down: cheese, chocolate
Things I haven't tried: bread, falafel

The bad news is that cheese and chocolate do still slip through - although I can safely say I can't eat as much of those as before. My biggest challenge will be keeping a check on these.

As an example - I had a smallish chicken salad (handful of leaves, half chicken breast, half avocado, oil, vinegar, mustard) this evening for dinner, and it took me about 40 minutes to eat. This is all good!

I've also lost some weight - can feel it in my clothes - but need to get some new batteries for my scales before I can tell.

The weird thing is that there are times when the band just says no, even though I've chewed properly (or just had fluid!) - today at lunch, I had some edamame beans, thought I'd chewed enough, but PB'd the lot up. Had some sips of water. Brought this up too. Waited half hour. Had more water. Tentatively tried some more edamame beans - chewed tons. They went down fine. Weird!

Have got another barium test for 6 weeks' time, so if the doc thinks the band is too tight they can change it, but I do feel this is how it's supposed to be...


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