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Monday, 16 April 2012

Long time, lots of change

Well, some things have changed a lot.

First, my flat is all finished being done up!
Won't go through tons of examples, but to give you a flavour...
Will save on the others, but basically I had every room redone, including new heating, electrics, windows, doors, floor, bathroom, kitchen, woodwork... and I helped with tiling, some woodwork, and did all painting and decorating myself. Was mental! Took up a good few months (October - December), and I missed out on a computer connection for a good portion of that time.

During this time I ate pretty erratically - lots of "quick" food, which included far too many cheese and biscuits. Happily I'd still lost another few pounds when I went back for bandfill at Christmas. Not great for a 3 month period, but better than I thought.

In December I had another fill - 0.5ml, taking me to about 7.5ml in total. This still didn't make THAT much difference - I would have thought that I'd be *there*, but I could still eat pretty much anything. Well - ok loaves of bread were out, and I'm not really a meat eater, but otherwise not much had changed, and this was getting me down a bit. I mean, I know my willpower is rubbish (hence being banded!) so I kinda wanted to be reminded constantly that the band was there...

All that took a bit of a back seat, as towards the end of January I met a lovely guy... he's called Tim, and he works as a pilot for a commercial airliner. He's based here in the UK, but originally from the US. Things are all still rather new (although we seem to be calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend), and there are ups and downs, but I guess so far so good! He knows about the banding, and happily likes me the way I am, but I don't think he'll complain if I happen to lose some more weight.

AND last week I had another band fill (having not lost any weight in a few months). Another 5ml, which takes me to 8ml in my 9ml band.

WOW I suddenly feel tight!

It was only done 4 days ago so I'm on liquids/sloppy food, but it's kinda's like I need to "warm the band up" in the morning (drinking fluids - milk, tea - not acidic things), otherwise there's no chance I can eat sloppy/bitty soup at lunchtime. It's still early days for this extra bandfill too (especially as the nurse wanted to check there was no leaking, so she sucked all the fluid out the band before refilling back up, plus the extra 0.5ml, so I suspect there is a bit more swelling than usual), but this evening I can't even drink smoothie.

I'm not panicked or worried - I'm well aware that it may take a little while to settle down - however if after a few weeks it is still really so tight that I can't always drink smoothie/soup then that may mean its a tad too tight. Don't want to speak too soon, as up until now it's not been tight enough. Quite excited by the restriction actually!

Am also calmed by how unstressful PBs seem to be. Basically if something is not going down, I can feel it in my throat - and so far have even managed to take a 25 minute tube journey to race home to get to a bathroom. Yep there is a bit of sliming, but I can generally deal with that by thinking calm thoughts. I was surprised then by just being able to bend over the toilet and open my mouth, and out comes whatever was offending... No retching, no watery eyes, no stuff coming out nose (like being sick back in the "old days"). I haven't PB'd really until this evening, when (for whatever reason) my band is just saying no. Have drunk some water since, and that's fine, so guess the smoothie was just a bit thick.

It's a weird sensation...I should be starving today (glass of milk for breakfast, lentil soup for lunch, milky hot chocolate this afternoon), but I'm not. The only thing I'm concerned about is that I haven't had my 5 portions of fruit and veg today (pureed or otherwise!), but I guess that might have to wait until the band settles down over the next few days and weeks.

Anyway, exciting stuff all round...

Will actually try to write a bit more regularly now as well...


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