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Sunday, 2 October 2011


Where has the time gone?

In the last few months the following things have happened (with some pictures)

- I had an amazing time in ibiza - hung out with my lovely friends, danced loads, soaked up the sun, ate amazing food, kissed boys

- I've actually lost some weight (woop!)
- I've gotten back into bikram yoga
- I had a barium meal thingy

- My old job at my law firm has finished, and I start a new job (as an in-house lawyer at a large investment bank) tomorrow
- I've been back in contact with Adonis, and have felt like I've been on HEAT for weeks

- We've had a mega heat wave in London -30 degrees (that's about 90 for you people the other side of the Pond) over the last few days...and its OCTOBER.

I won't go through all this stuff, but worth mentioning the barium meal thing.

For those of you that don't know what this is, it's when an xray is taken that shows up the position of your band, and how fluid (and/or solids) can pass through the band. As the nurse/surgeon were very annoyed with me following my dappling with a private band fill, they said I should get a barium xray so they could make sure the band isn't too tight (I could have told them this, but am pleased the procedure was carried out all the same).

I had to drink a very thick white chalky fluid called barium (has a weird cough mixture taste, and is so thick and horrible), and when swallowed that passed through the band so quickly I had to do it time and time again. In the end they made me chew marshmallows into the liquid (YUK!) and managed to get a few good pictures. I could also see that I haven't stretched the stomach above the band or anything like that (I'd read one too many horror stories online and was worried this was why I didn't have enough restriction). My next fill is in 5 days, so I guess I'll discuss the results with the nurse then, but safe to say that I will be asking for another fill. I currently have 6.5ml in my 9ml band, so reckon I have a little way to go yet. It's getting there, but I'm certainly not at the sweet spot.

New job tomorrow! Am pretty nervous, but this has been slightly cancelled out by the fact that my flat is currently in utter disarray - having the electrics, central heating, windows, bathroom, kitchen, flooring... etc done, so am living currently without a bathroom or electricity. Yep, not the easiest. This was my bathroom a few days ago (don't you just love the blue...!):
Ah, and the Mr Adonis thing. This really was a moment of weakness. He rang me out of the blue. We made a date to meet up, where we went out for dinner. I brazenly invited myself round to his (he didn't exactly protest). We had hours of exceptionally good sex - potentially the best of my life. I left the next day. I haven't heard from him since. Will I ever learn?!

I've also come across some incredible music recently (introduced to me by another Bad Man in my life, although thankfully I'm managing to abstain from his delights). If you want some good things to listen to, download these tracks from british artists:
- Jamie Woon, Night Air
- James Blake - limit to your love
- Ed Sheeran - class A team
And for the sheer fun of it, download Sak Noel - Loca People. Tacky but I love it...


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  1. Hey Gemma!! You, are looking absolutely AMAZING!! What a gorgeous picture of YOU!!

    I've missed you!! But I'm happy to know all is good where you are - well, maybe not the 90 degree heat!!

    Good luck with that remodel job! Ohhhh it's a bear while it's being done, but ohhhh so wonderful when it's finished!!

    Don't stay away so long!!!!!