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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Another fill

Woop! I've now got 7ml in my 9ml band. I haven't quite hit the sweet spot, but I am already finding that I'm making certain food choices - like bready wraps etc at lunch really just aren't working well anymore. I haven't been trying  too much (if you know what I mean), but lost half stone (3kgs) since I last weighed myself, so that was also pleasing. Nurse lady wasn't angry with me either (actually seemed quite happy with me...), which was good.

So in the 6 months since I've had my band I've lost just under 10kg. At first I thought this was quite annoyingly little, but actually if I continued losing 10kg ever 6 months then I would soon be a skinny minnie... Need to look on the positive.

Urgh, am also going on a running drive. Finding the gym really hard going at the moment, so gonna get out while the weather is still semi-ok. I get bored of things quite quickly, and like to shake stuff up, but also like a challenge - so every day for the next week I'm gonna get up at 6.30 and go running for just half an hour. Thought it might be something a bit different...

Excitingly, have booked flights to miami for March - going for a bit of WMC and ultra. Seems like a long way off.


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