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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yep, I was told off

As I thought, I was royally told off by the NHS peeps at Kings... Went back for a band fill on Friday evening, took along all stamped paperwork from my bandfill at the private clinic, and the NHS lady went mental. She started by almost shouting at me, then went really quiet with pursed lips, and then did The Tut (which Brits have down to a T when trying to make you feel small...). I explained that even though I'd called a million times to try and book in earlier, one appointment every 12 weeks is just not good enough, and I felt I had no other choice but to go private. The nurse and the surgeon did sort of understand, but still thought I was crazy due to the fact that I couldn't be certain I was getting good treatment elsewhere, and that wrong needles might be used, or port may get infected. Yes these are valid concerns, but I weighed these up before going to the private chap.

The outcome is that they gave me another .5 then (so I have a total of 6.5ml in my 9ml band) and will see me again in 2 months. They've also scheduled a barium scan, and now basically got me on the radar properly. On this basis I've cancelled my transfer to Chelsea&Westminster, as that appointment isn't until the end of September! Don't want to keep chopping and changing between healthcare providers too much anyway. Spoke to my (amazing) GP about this today too, and she agreed that I should stay with Kings and see how it goes.

Fill was on Friday - I did liquids/v soft food til this morning (Tuesday), and then had tofu and avocado salad for lunch, and thick soup this evening. Insides feel good, restriction feels good - still not as much as I thought, but I guess I need to wait for any residual swelling to go down.

I've still never PB'd. Is this normal? I guess that only happens when I get really quite tight? It's not that I particularly want to PB, I just DO want the band to reject stuff if its not good/chewed. Also don't want to be in the position where I'm overstretching the small section of stomach above the band. There are times when I'm stuffed full  before I know it (and super quickly - usually after having some cereal in the morning), but other times I don't seem to get full, and this is usually with "crusty"/"crispy" stuff - like crackers, crisps. I would have thought the latter would be harder to eat (rather than the soggy cereal). Well the barium test in a few weeks' time will have a look to see band is all in the right place.

London riots are the other thing happening at the moment. Am so angry about the ridiculous yobs that are wrecking havoc in some areas of the city - the looting and arson is sickening.  Granted this is generally happening in areas are not the "main" central sections of town, but there are plenty of places where friends of mine live, and I HATE that this amazing city is disrupted by these ignorant idiots. I do not buy the "we're rioting because we're repressed" rubbish, and I have a tendency to become rather too right-wing about this... And the scare-mongering that goes with the rioting is awful terrible for morale, businesses and social lives. Anyhoo, it's quieter on the streets tonight-heard some sirens going past, but fingers crossed the city keeps quiet...


  1. I think not PB-ing means your a super good bandster!!!! Of course, this is coming from a girl 14 months out who has also never PB'd. I've slimed and slimed and slimed.....just never PB'd!!! But, I know how you feel. Just a little sign from the band as a reminder!!

  2. I am sorry that you're going through all that scarey rioting where you are. I see it on the news and it's pretty awful.. Please be safe..

    It probably is a good thing to stick where you are - I wouldn't want you to be "Tut'ed" again!

  3. of course it is okay that you haven't PBed. There is one lady who has been so very successful and has never pb'd. She is on her 2nd year!