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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

First slime!

I admit, it seems a little weird that I should be excited about this, but I need to know the band is actually starting to work. I'm not quite there yet, but feel like I'm getting towards the end of bandster hell.

So yeah, I slimed. Ate a piece of toast far too quickly without thinking (was "multitasking" - doh). I swallowed, and as the lump went down I thought "hmm....too much?". 
Yep, it was. Actually wondered if I was going to be sick. Could feel it in my throat, and my mouth filled with saliva (like it would before you are sick) (oh so that's why its called sliming...). Had to split a lot. Waited 5 mins, lump still there, lent over toilet but wasn't sick. Had a few tiny sips of water (was a bit concerned about this - don't want to "force" anything through the band if it needs to come back up). A few mins later it had passed.

Lesson learned? Let's hope so.

Have had what I thought were a good last few weeks - moderation, etc etc, lots of exercise. Have I lost any weight? Nope. Weighed myself this morning and was very disappointed. However I feel like I've lost a little tummy and back podge. I know you aren't always supposed to measure by the weight on the scales, but at this stage (when I've got so much to lose), it was disappointing not to see the needle change. Next week...?

Off to Ibiza on Sunday! Hurrah! Have even managed to find a dress that I feel great in (makes boobs look good, and makes me look smaller than I am - I think anyway) - will post a pic of it next time. Can't wait for a week of tons of dance, great food, amazing music, and hopefully might find a man or two ;)

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