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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Testing out private post-op care

Rather strangely I now seem to be on 2 NHS hospital lists for post-op bariatric care - Kings and Chelsea&Westminster. Kings next appointment is 5 August (where I might actually get an x-ray fill - would still like to know my band is properly placed etc!). Chel&West appointment (which is where I was referred to by my doc as Kings were too slow) is at end of September. Useless!

So I took the plunge (after quite a few tears of being so disappointed with my aftercare so far) and went private. Did a google search, found a place that seems to do nothing but band fills (hence they should have the necessary experience), paid £100 and booked an appointment. It was all really very hassle-free! I went along on Monday and got a band fill.

The centre was in Harrow, which seems like a bloody mile outside the London, and I arrived late and wet (got lost - no umbrella). Receptionist was rather pissed off with me, doctor seemed a bit grumpy at first. We did the usual medical history, why I had decided to come to the centre, what of band I have (10ml standard btw), and fill history (2ml in band left over from op, 2.5ml added in early May). The doc said I could prob have up to 2ml for the second fill, but he would like to be on the conservative side. He found the port no problem (thank god), and then put a valve in. I got 1ml to start, sat up and drank some water, and then some smoothie, then lay back down and had another 0.5ml inserted. Sat up again (first time I've done the "fill with valve" thing - VERY weird having something sticking out of your tummy while sitting up) and had more water and smoothie. He asked if I wanted to go a bit further - I am slightly regretting it now but I said no. (I didn't want to get overfilled, especially because I am being "naughty" and getting this done privately. Also, I've had no PB's so far, and want the learning experience of eating less more slowly to not be too much of a shock. Also -hell - I've waited so long, I don't want to start getting into problems now by being too gung-ho.). Anyway, we stopped at 1.5ml, so I now have 6ml in total.

Obviously the last two days I have been on liquids (actually, pretty much had only clear fluids yesterday, had smoothie, soup and steamed milk today - might try some slightly thicker soup tomorrow), so no ability to test out the band for a few more days. I really REALLY hope there's some decent restriction.

However - unless I get booted off the Kings NHS list, I plan to keep my 5th August appointment - so if there's not enough restriction then I'll ask for more. Is that wrong to have a fill only 3 weeks after the last one??

Another question - I went to pilates this evening after a stint of cardio in the gym. Pilates literally seems to sort out my back if I ever have twinges - but I didn't even think that it might not be a good thing to do straight after a band fill. I still find the sensation of my port between tummy muscles and skin quite weird, so the majority of the pilates class felt rather odd. Fingers crossed no damage done!


  1. When I started doing my advanced yoga classes I had some port pain! I never get it now. No real worries I feel sure.

    Good luck with this fill!

  2. I don't understand the health care system where you are, but I can't see anything "naughty" about getting a fill when you need one! I am sorry they weren't more understanding that you had gotten lost...

    (((hugggsss))) to YOU!

  3. Argh, hopefully Blogspot won't delete this comment...third time of trying to post, so sorry for delay!

    Ah just to explain the "naughty" thing...basically the NHS are rather particular about you EITHER being with the NHS OR taking private healthcare. They hate patients jumping between the two - as they lose track of what treatments you've received. Some NHS places are so strict (and this is with many things, not just bariatrics) that if they know you've been seen privately they'll ask you to stay private from them on....