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Sunday, 10 July 2011

London guide to frozen yoghurt

I've been meaning to do this for a while. I'm aware that if you're reading this you may not even be in London, but I feel rather passionate (to put it mildly) about frozen yoghurt and wanted to share my favourite haunts with you. All the places are listed below have fat free, probiotic, low cal frozen yoghurt.

No 1. Frae - not many shops yet, Angel and Notting Hill being the ones I frequent. I had a nice walk up to Notting Hill from home today, and the guys in there are so much fun - laughing at the fact I'd brought a insulated little bag with me to carry the yoghurt home. Bought 2 litres of strawberry. Should last a week... The stuff is the most creamy in London - I honestly dont' understand how they get it like this. The mango flavour is a bit dodgy, but natural, lime, green tea and strawberry are delicious. Even in New York I couldn't find anything that beat this stuff. Am addicted....

No 2. Snog - quite a few shops in London, including South Ken, Kings Road, Soho and Westfield. Not quite as creamy as frae, and flavours aren't as good (their passionfruit is not bad). The yoghurt has a slightly odd clinical taste (err, weird to describe), which I quite like - but its not to everyone's taste. They get brownie points for using agave honey in their yoghurt rather than refined sugar, and I like that they have lots of outlets. Sadly they no longer do reward cards, but do supply a free insulated bag if you buy 2 litres' worth.

No 3. Samba swirl - Clapham High Street. A relative newcomer, marked down by the fact that they only have one outlet (that i know of anyway) in Clapham. Quite creamy. Some imaginative toppings and flavours (skip the ones that aren't fat free, like peanut butter).

No 4. Yog - various outlets, one I go to is in Charlotte Street. Semi-creamy, and semi-"cheap" (still all so expensive I reckon!). Best thing is their pulped berry coulis topping.

No 5 Yuforia - relatively poor cousin to the others, but some well placed shops around London, like in Covent Garden and Soho. Cute shop decor.



  1. Wow! All those place look glorious!! Out in the boonies where I live there are NO frozen yogurt shops - I need to go into the city and even there it is wanting...

    Next time we're in London, I'm going to have to take your list with me to find all these places - or better yet, take YOU with me!

  2. Oh my. I started drooling just reading this! When I hopefully visit London next year, I will definitely be trying at least one (or three) of these places!

  3. Well you are very welcome to have a tour whenever you are here! xx