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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Changing hospital care

It has come to the stage where I requested to change hospital after-care. I was previously with Kings College Hospital (South London), and have asked to move to Chelsea& Westminster Hospital (West/south-west London). Strictly speaking I should be with C&W as I live in Westminster, so not sure why I was originally with Kings. This all came about after meeting with A, who is with C&W, and finding out that she can book fill appointments ONLINE (unheard of with Kings), and has all sorts of other services available to her - such as counselling/food psychologist appointments.

Of course a referral doesn't work as smoothly as I had hoped...oh no, this is the NHS after all. My doctor referred me about 5 weeks ago. I rang my doc's surgery after 3 weeks to find out why I hadn't yet heard from C&W, they said to wait another week. I rang back the next week - still nothing. Then rang C&W - seems that my referral form was never received. My doc's office has now re-faxed it... After chasing around, I know that it has now been received, and I have the phone number of the bariatrics department, so they will be hounded by me next week. Will still have been about 1/3 of a year before having the next band fill. Arrgh!

(I do have to remind myself that this should be relatively slow and steady process. I may not be bikini-fit for Ibiza this year, but there's always next year...)

I suppose it has given me time to see how this level of restriction works. While the restriction isn't huge (I've never had a PB) I do get the uncomfortably full feeling way before I would have done in the old days. Originally I had managed to slow down my eating, but seem to have gotten a bit faster again recently - must try and rectify that, as otherwise after the next band fill I'll be PBing all over the place. The one good thing is that I haven't put on weight in the past months and I've mostly not really thought too much about what I'm eating (other than the fact that I'm not eating chocolate! Did 5 weeks without any, then had a week of some - ok, perhaps more than some, ie chocolate every day, but decided to go cold turkey again....).

I do notice that I either feel very full, or ravenously hungry (to the extent I feel sick). I'd kinda like the "happy medium", but that just doesn't seem to be how I generally work. Even when I'm feeling sick from hunger in the morning, and then have a mug-full of cereal, I will then suddenly go to so full that it's uncomfortable to hold tummy muscles in. Eating too quickly maybe? Yeah perhaps.


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  1. It is the same with me...i am either starving or just fine. Some weeks are better then others!