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Monday, 30 May 2011

More waiting, but the chocolate ban is going well

Good things first...10 days without chocolate. Hurrah! It would be great if I could happily do moderation, but on the basis that I can't, I think giving it up (for the time being - at least until end of July) is the way forward. Just need to buy some scales to see if I'm actually losing weight.

Have had a good 10 days actually - food-wise. Been doing lots of cooking over the past week, as have had quieter evenings (hurrah!). Have made tasty home made falafel, various soups, quinoa feta and pomegranate salad, chicken avocado salad, and this trout and bean risotto:

Bad things...pretty much impossible to get another fill through my surgeon/his team before August. Am actually really quite upset about this - truly dreadful. The problem is there is only 1 nurse that does this, and she works privately other than 1 morning a week at my (NHS) clinic. Yep, while that's not really my problem, I know that she's such a lovely lady, and works as hard as she can in the time given. It's not her fault that the resources given aren't enough for her to work more mornings a week for the NHS.

So - I've made an appointment with my doc, to talk about transferring to a different NHS trust. Who knows if this is possible, but I had a chat with A (my "sponsor") the other day, and she manages to get appointments within a month if she needs them. Also, I actually live in the same NHS catchment area as her, so strictly speaking I should be going to that hospital anyway... hmm, will see how this goes.

Another slightly odd thing this week - I'm back in contact with a very old flame... We met at law school, were close friends for about 3 years before we hooked up, and then spent 3 years being very "on and off" (probably more off than on, but I was totally besotted with him). About 15 months ago I said I didn't want to have anything more to do with him (I knew I felt far more strongly about him than he did about me, and after 3 years with him having no kind of commitment to me was pretty soul destroying), and I have kept by that - occasionally I see him in the street, and we talk maturely, but I always turn down his offers to catch up.

Until what changed? Well, he's a fun, charming and intelligent guy. He also knows me unbelievably well, and (in many ways), he "got" me. I was in love with him, we had a lot of fun together. I was turning out my inbox last week, and found various chains of emails with him...reading them made me miss him like anything. So I got in touch with him....oh yes, I'm sure this is probably the WORST idea I've had in a long time, but I find it very difficult to walk away from what was actually a good friendship. The whole thing went wrong when we started sleeping together. My thoughts this time are, on the basis that DOESN'T happen, things should be ok... We are meeting for lunch this week - I'm not actually overly excited. Yes I am looking forward to seeing him, but more nervous that this is all a bad idea. And that he'll see how much weight I've put on (why should I care about this? well of course I want him to look at me and realise what he missed...). I'll post about how it goes.

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