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Friday, 20 May 2011


Eugh, I think I'm actually just going to have to go cold turkey and give up chocolate. I see no other way round it. I'm so frustrated at my lack of willpower!

So that is it. As of right now, there will be NO MORE CHOCOLATE until July 20th (might as well try for 2 months). The only exclusion is low calorie/fat free hot chocolate (on the basis its one of the only hot drinks I like!).

Have managed to really hurt my back a week ago, so have had zero gym attendance this week as well. Was hoping to get some spin and bikram in. More eurgh!! Hopefully I'll be feeling better for spin on sunday.

Also feeling frustrated at lack of band resistance - I barely have more now than I did before this first fill. Will call on Monday and see if I can get another appointment before August 5th (that seems just too far away). Oh yes this is bandster hell.

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  1. are you getting any of my comments??

    E blogger is driving me batty!

    Bandster hell is the pits I can say that for sure! You will get there. It just sucks that everything is installed and not working!

    Advice. learn now to take small bites and chew. I say this because when your REALLY have restriction all the sudden you forget to chew. Case and point the entire week after my last fill!