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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

First fill

At long long long last!

It took for ever for my scars to heal - infections and all sorts, generally all pretty ming. Thankfully I got to the fill stage today. I was really very nervous beforehand (nervous/excited anticipation), and can't believe how quickly it was all over... It went like this:

- laid on couch
- nurse put hand on my tummy, asked me to lift legs to engage abdominal muscles
- the port "popped" forward (felt really weird!)
- nurse filled syringe with some saline, and injected through wall of my abdomen into the port
- quick sharp "click" sound when syringe connected with the port
- band was then filled up to 4.5ml.

Apparently I had 2 mls in the band already (explains the small amount of restriction I had). The feeling of the band tightening was very strange - an odd sensation of feeling something going on inside of me. For a few minutes afterwards I felt rather sick, but sad quietly in waiting room and drank a large glass of water very slowly. Since then I've had some miso soup, hot chocolate, and some runny yoghurt this evening. Back on liquids for a few days, and then on to mushy stuff for a few more days after that. I don't feel hungry, which is good...

My only concern is that 4.5ml isn't enough.... My next appointment now isn't until August, which seems like ages away! Will see how it goes over the next few weeks (I will be taking things slowly!), but I've been warned that first fill often isn't enough. In which case I might try and get an appointment earlier than August. It's all a bit tricky on the NHS. Don't need to worry about that for at least a week though.

What about in the meantime...

Well I camped out for the royal wedding and got a great spot to see the pomp and circumstance. This picture isn't a patch on what the professional photographers took, but shows how close I was to the action:
We also had a royal themed cake bake competition at work, which I got a bit carried away with:
On the food theme, I've also recently come across bubbles tea. Seems like the rest of the world (especially Taiwan!) knows about this already, but this was new to me until they started to sell it at work. It's basically normal "tea" (or fruit tea/juice), with what feel like gummy "bubbles" in it (made of tapioca). One of the strangest drinking experiences I've had...not sure I'm totally convinced:

On the food note, I haven't lost any weight in the last month. I haven't put any on either, but the last few weeks the band resistance hasn't been much (as you'd expect) up till now, and some of my old habits have crept back in. My worst times are still when I'm back from work quite late in the evening, and I end up having cheese & biscuits or something equally as unhealthy. My chocolate intake has been higher than it should have been. I have to keep reminding myself that I've just had A BLOOMIN OPERATION and that I shouldn't be eating bad things. "Shouldn't" is the key word..............

On the plus side, I've started back at bikram yoga, normal yoga, zumba, spinning, running and aerobics. Wow I hate running, and I generally ache afterwards (and during!), but am sure it's good for me.


  1. Good to hear from you.

    Don't worry about your first fill...that is a pretty good amount for the first time I think. It has taken a while to get me to the stage now where I might even be a little too full!

    Also maintaining your weight is just as important as losing in the beginning because it is all about your self control right now. Not the band. People call this stage bandster hell because you HAVE had surgery but it isn't totally working yet.

    People in the states have trouble getting fills too. My doc will do them when ever I want one unless I've lost weight and it is un needed. I got lucky!

  2. I swear swear swear a replied to this post! I'll get back to you on this...blogger is being so weird!

  3. You definitely did reply, and I replied back to you! yep, blogger being v weird...someone i know just lost their whole blog :-S

    So yep, in bandster hell...wonder if I can manage to get an earlier appointment than august!!

    did you have your fills the same way as me? I had heard that in the US some people have them by xray...?