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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Been a while

Yes it has! I hadn't forgotten about this, time just seems to slip by. The long version of events will perhaps be dull for you, so in a nutshell:

- Yep, men are definitely pigs...J ended up just disappearing...a call every now and then but that was it. Eventually I told him (in not so many words) to stop all the hot/cold stuff, as it wasn't particularly fun.

- Job hunting. I've been at my firm for 5 years, and I think it's almost time to move on. Been going to a shed load of interviews, and while most jobs don't seem to interest me, I've found one (and just completed second round of interviews) that seems a little different. Will see how it goes!

- Holidays - went to Sharm in Egypt last week for a cheap and cheerful week away in the sun. 30 degrees each day, all inclusive place (Egyptian 5* - don't think that's quite English 5* though!), lots of reading, cocktails, time by the pool, snorkeling.

- Healing of holes. Err, yeah, rather nastily I do mean the holes in me from the operation. Not the most pleasant of topics, but the largish one at the front got infected, but my doc kept saying there was nothing wrong (even after 2 weeks' antibiotics). Eventually I went back to the hospital, who said immediately that I needed to come in every day for a week, have the wound fully opened up and packed with seaweed stuff. Was all rather gross. It seems the infection melted the internal stitches, so the whole thing had opened up and I literally had an open hole into my tummy area - about 1.5cm deep. Yuk yuk! Happily it has nearly healed up now, thank GOD. It does mean my first fill has been delayed, rather annoyingly. That is now scheduled for first week in May... bring it on.

- Royal Wedding Fever. The rest of Britain seems to be trying to leave the UK over the wedding weekend, but as a staunch royalist I'm thinking about camping out overnight ;). Well, we'll see (depends on the weather!), but part of me really wants to be there to wave the carriages etc past. Once in a lifetime thing, and will be an amazing atmosphere I'm sure. I live only a short walk away from Westminster Abbey (where the wedding is happening), and actually even have some little cousins in the Abbey School choir who will be singing for Kate&Wills. Bless! Shame I can't get a seat inside....wishful thinking....

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