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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Vivid dreams

When I did LighterLife I used to have the most ridiculously vivid dreams about "cheating" - I dreamt that I ended up eating all sorts of stuff by mistake, and woke up in the morning thinking "thank god that was just a dream". Same thing is happening my dream last night I was in some sunny place, probably Spain, and ended eating a quesadilla. I semi-panicked in my dream thinking "shit I shouldn't be eating this! I could dislodge my band! what have I done?!" and actually woke myself up.

It's getting much easier to sleep at night - am in far less pain rolling over, although the larger cut in the middle of my tummy worries me a bit. I get keloid scarring, so very much hoping it heals well. I only have 4 cuts (5 seems the norm for my surgeon), to try and minimise the scarring. Not much I can do but let the incisions heal and wait for the steri strips to fall off (am very thankful not to have stitches).

Got a few "liquid" related questions that some of you might be able to help me with. I've spent a good few hours cooking today, to try and make the most interesting soups possible. One is gazpacho - my absolute favourite. The only problem is that, even after a good amount of time in the blender, I can't get it totally smooth - probably because the vegetables are raw to begin with. I'm a little nervous to eat it because of this...technically I could suck it up through a straw, but there are still some very small bits of pepper/cucumber. What do you reckon?

I've had a bit of a look online to see what others say about "thick" soups (and I don't mean minestrone!). OMG the internet is such a dangerous place....have read about too many instances of things going wrong - and I feel I've had quite enough of that with the old cut liver and blood loss. My NHS guidance (which isn't great) says liquids for 4 weeks (which I will do, definitely), but I see that some people only do liquids for a week before moving on to mushies. The different advice from different surgeons/private v NHS/countries is so confusing!

So here are the soups I've made. Pictures don't make them look particularly appetising, but IRL they are tasty!

butternut squash, leek and mustard. While the soup was bubbling I put in a few pieces of chorizo (which I removed before liquidising and fed to my dad) so it has a tasty meaty flavour.

This one is a tuscan bean soup (doesn't look quite as exciting when liquidised!). Chickpea base, carrots, with sundried tomato pesto, bay leaves and a pot of cottage cheese for some added protein. Looks a bit thick in the pot, so I'll water it down before eating.

And gazpacho (which mum used half of in her cooking...still half a vat left, looks messy!). In the summer I can live on this stuff. Quite a good recipe at:

I've been very dizzy this morning, and assume that was because I hadn't eaten enough - hence the concerted soup-making efforts today. Managed to potter round the local supermarket with my dad (he's been such a star) but could do without the dizziness. Also bought ice lollies - yey!

Had plenty of time on my hands to listen to new music. Not sure if this will be your cuppa, but am loving these tunes... thank god for Radio 1 (you can get this in the US on Sirius)
Cassius - I love you so
Tiesto - C'mon
Katie B - lights on remix

Oh yeah, I promised a picture of the guy... see below (rubbish quality, but you get the idea). He's messaged/called me a few times in the last week actually. Don't want to get excited because I really like him...

I'm hoping to be back in London early next week, at which point I'll do some "before" pictures, measurements etc.



  1. I am on my iPad so this will be a quick post of sorts. Number one...follow what rules they give you. That being said...I went to mushies pretty quickly. I wouldn't worry about the little veggie chunks. Chew em. It will satisfy your chewing needs! Your swollen be careful. I am going to recommend you getting some protein in some where. That helped me with being dizzy. Tomato basil was my fav soup... Um..what else. Cute guy!!

  2. Yeah, that's why I did the chickpea/cottage cheese soup - def felt I needed some protein. It's amazing how much less you can eat from just being swollen from surgery!

  3. Real cute guy!! All I can add is keep on keeping on - you're doing this!