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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Testing testing

So I slightly tested the band this evening (and apparently there's nothing in it!). Perhaps a bit naughty... Was out at dinner with a friend. I ordered spicy tomato soup. Also had a little guacamole and some mashed beans. Had a few mouthfuls of each, and suddenly I could feel the restriction. I've noticed in the last two weeks since having the band fitted that I can eat much less (and have only been having soup!), but this was the first time I'd had some "mushies". Yep, probably too early for them, and I don't plan to do it often. Anyway, there wasn't pain as such, just a "oh shit, maybe I've gone too far" (and a voice in the back of my head saying "if your band slips now you only have yourself to blame). Anyway, I stopped eating, drank a little, burped (quietly and discretely!), didn't eat more, walked a bit after, and was fine very soon after.

A little scary, and am assuming that my stomach is probably a little swollen still, which is why the band is causing restriction. Yeah yeah, this means I'll be sticking to liquids for another two weeks, not to worry - however on the basis that I retched violently quite a bit on the first few days while in hospital (reaction to pain meds), and the band was fine, I can't imagine some mashed beans is going to affect it. However I do appreciate that the swelling needs to go down....So, I have tested, and so far I'm pleased.

As promised, some "before" pictures. This is me on 10 February, the night before my surgery,  very much no frills. Not the most revealing pictures, but at my heaviest I wasn't particularly keen on getting my kit off... I think you get the picture of my podginess!

I'd like to know how to put a "ticker" on the blog to track weightloss/BMI decrease. Will have a dig around to find out how, but if anyone knows and could drop me a line that would be fab...

In the last two weeks I have lost a stone (14 pounds/approx 6 kg). I don't expect it will come off as fast from now on, however I think I would like to lose another 5 stone in total.... therefore I'm a 1/6 or the way. (little)woop!

I went to the doc today to ask whether I could stop injecting clexane and wearing TEDS...ah, I'm especially bored of injecting myself. The answer was "no" (what was I expecting?!) And I think because of the liver bleed I *will* continue for the full 4 weeks, even though I'm really fed up with it! The doc also took off the last of the steri strips that you can see in the pic below. 

I had four keyholes in total - you can see two below. Three wounds (including the biggie) are healing nicely. One very small one (not visible below) hasn't healed as well, so the doc put this back together with a few more steris. Won't know if the dreaded keloid will rear it's head for another few months yet...

Otherwise, it's just so good to be back in London! I love this city (especially when I've had a week of it on holiday!). I went to the Tate Britain (art gallery round the corner from my flat) to see a watercolour exhibition on Wednesday, Wednesday night went to see Never Let Me Go (very good film) in Fulham, and then last night went to see Madame Butterfly at Royal Albert Hall. This evening I had drinks at Hix in Soho (with some hilarious hag-celeb spotting - Janice Dickenson, Jo Woods and Sarah Harding), and then pottered to Wahaca for midnight dinner.

EVEN BETTER the marmite website has been restocked with merchandise. Lovely yanks, do you know marmite? It is truly a divine foodstuff.

Jason's coming over tomorrow afternoon - eek! Can't imagine there'll be any funny business given the wound situation, but will be fab to see him. I'm a little nervous - so much to talk to him about, but will I lose my tongue and be flustered? Ach.


  1. You're doing great! I was only on liquids for like 1 week post op then moved to softs/mushies. I was at solids by week 3. (perhaps, that's why bandster hell lasted so much longer for me) but you're fine and right on track! Each DR is different. is where you can get trackers for your blog! :)

    London? I'm SO jealous! Your part of the world def tops the list of where I want to visit!

    & BTW you're cute as a button! Love the hair girly! Good luck and ttys!

  2. I have been sick and just now catching up! But you have been on my mind! How are you doing now??

  3. It's going ok! I still get cravings (obviously), but generally going well...just about to write another post actually. Are you feeling better? Not sick due to the band?