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Friday, 10 December 2010


Just went to the hospital to have a scar on my foot lasered (I have keloid scarring, had mole removed just over a year ago). I asked the surgeon about a little mole on my arm (I have hundreds of them all over me, but this one looked a bit odd), and he said it needed to come off immediately. Ugh, not quite what I was planning to do on a Friday evening. Anyway...I spoke to him about the lapband surgery and the scarring I can expect. I have heard a lap band can be put in with only one incision, but generally they do three (am I right here?). Sounds like I'll need steroid and laser treatment on those scars. Bit rubbish - steroids are not hugely helpful for weightloss.

I damn well hope this picture is fake.

(Hilariously the surgeon - who does a mixture of dermatology/plastics - told me he has just bought a laser lipo machine...not quite sure he was suggesting it might be something I would want to try, but I cut him off before he could start, laughed a lot, and said he shouldn't waste his breath - errr, hello!!!)

So quite a few of my friends know about the lapband thing now (and may be reading this...hiya...). The more people I speak to, the less embarrassed I feel - although for various reasons I'm just not mentioning it at work. (I need people talking about my legal skills, not elective surgeries.) The hardest thing at the moment isn't telling people, it's the waiting. I'm not the most patient of people, at the best of times and I'm getting bored of waiting for a date. Apparently I need to call again in two weeks' time, although it now sounds like the surgery will be in January/February (depending on how many surgeons are available). I'm bored of writing about the whole waiting thing, and I bet you're bored of reading about this stuff. Want to get on with the whole process. Bet you guys in the US don't have to wait (although in all fairness, unless your insurance pays, am guessing you have to pay for the privilege).

If I don't write for a little while, it's not because I've given up, it's just that I have no news. If only my love life wasn't such a barren wasteland, I'd write about that instead to amuse you a little. La proxima vez...


  1. Most of us do have to wait in the US. I've waited about 4 months but it seems that the average is about 6 months. I am also lucky that my insurance covers it. I will have to pay a bit out but all in all for a surgery that costs around $16,000 I am willing to pay the little that I do. To have our insurance pay we have to go through some testing and some "training". I think in a way it is a good thing because we learn the ways that could help this thing work. All in all I am pretty pleased with the way it has gone! I know a tone of people who have had a lot of bumps in the road. Been smooth for me! Good luck!

  2. Hey Gemma!! Where have you been, we missed YOU!!!! I'm in the six month waiting program, so my blog is pretty much about my "life stuff" - I can only write so many entries about "Physician Supervised Weight Loss" appointments!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your foot surgery and your mole, but I'm glad to hear you're having that stuff taken care of...

    Good LUCK!!

  3. i hope everything went well for you! (if that picture IS real... that package is stuffed for sure. lol ;] )