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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Long time to wait

I bit the bullet and told my sister about the banding. I was so nervous beforehand, but she was really supportive - we had tears and hugs, and she understands why I want to do it. She has since, however, sent me little emails saying things like (very sweetly) "are you ok?". Now its very difficult to express why this annoys me (err, yes I'm fine, I'm not ill or anything...), and that's why I'd actually spent ages not telling her. Of course I won't say anything - she's only trying to be a good sister, although I'll be pleased when she gets bored of asking...

I rang the hospital this week to find out about surgery dates. Looks like I won't be scheduled until December (at the very earliest) - more likely January. A long time to wait!! I'd love in the meantime to drop a couple of stone, and find out that I don't need the band after all. A friend came round for dinner last night and said that she knew someone who had had great success with hypnotherapy. It's pretty much the only thing I haven't tried, so I think I will give it a go.

I mean, it can't be any worse than LighterLife (450 calories a day for 100 days - yep, I lost 4 stone (about 26 kg), but managed to put that all back or again), or the cabbage soup diet (usually manage to lose 1/2 stone doing that in a week) or the 4 day diet (where I can drop a few pounds), or the 30 day bikram yoga challenge (where I managed to lose no weight at all!). I don't feel I have anything to lose anyway - other than about £50.

Oh yes, I completed the 30 day bikram challenge! It's not really the done thing to say, but I'm really pleased with myself...feels like a good accomplishment to meet autumn and cold, shorter days head on. I am stronger, and more flexible, but I will be pleased not to have to wake up at 5.55am each day to get to yoga class before work.

Off to New York in 2 weeks' time! Pretty much my first trip state-side. I've visited LA for a few days, although it seemed quite unreal there. Hugely excited about NYC - going to do lots of sight-seeing, going out to fun bars and restaurants and shopping...My poor credit card ;)



  1. Good luck with the hypno... Never tried it but tried a million other things!! I always was successful but always gained it back! Sisters can be so hard sometimes...but they love us. Just got back from NY. Had a blast! Hope you enjoy yourself but I am sure you will!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC!! One of my favorite places in the world!! And let us know how that hypnosis goes.. haven't tried it, but would love to know how it works!