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Saturday, 18 September 2010


So I realise that I need to start making a change BEFORE surgery. My biggest issue is munching through chocolate - have just steadily eaten 200g of maltesers while watching a movie this afternoon. I'm guessing this just won't be possible after surgery, right? (bloody hope so!) But equally, I just need to stop doing this now...and while every morning I tell myself that "this is the will be different", each day ends up being the same. I need to change!

I've got the pre-op appointment on Monday afternoon - not sure what will happen there as I haven't got my surgery date yet - but I just want to get there *now*. Feeling nervous that for some reason I'll fall at the last hurdle and not be allowed the surgery...just want to get it over and done with...

On to other things... tomorrow I'm starting a 30 day bikram yoga challenge (basically 30 times in 30 days). Bikram yoga is something I only started a few weeks ago (although I've done quite a bit of yoga over the last 10 years), and is strangely addictive. 1.5 hours of intensive yoga in a 45 C(110 F) room, always the same 26 postures, each one done twice. 

It's slightly crazy (and I am no way as bendy as the picture - in my dreams!), but leaves me feeling weirdly energised. It's also supposed to be an appetite supressant, which would be a useful tool over the next few months for some pre-surgery weight loss. Means getting up at 6am before work to get to class - yikes, I like my sleep! Going to have to dig deep!


  1. Oh I love Bikram yoga! Haven't been to a class in ages as no one teaches it here! But I do go to a flow yoga class weekly.

    I remember my first Bikram class and feeling weirdly sick and energized at the same time!

    I have to lose 13 lbs before I can schedule an appointment with the surgeon. I have lost 2-3 lbs already but it seems to be slow. So I am on the change train too. And I also am nervous after working so hard and doing all the research and blah blah that they will decline me for surgery!

    But all I can think of is wearing a "normal" size dress. Thats what keeps me going!

  2. Good luck for your surgery, had mine about a year ago now and reading your blogs I am now about where you are starting from. It's not easy but I wouldn't change a thing!! I get up at 5:30am to go to the gym and swim before work mon-fri and do wii fit at home when I have time.

    I have a long way to go but all I want to do is wear size 16 jeans and fit in the plane seat next time I go on holiday!!

  3. Amanda - I wonder whether we'll be able to do yoga after the surgery...Carol did your surgeon tell you certain types of exercise weren't possible anymore? The reason I ask is because yoga "massages" various internal organs - wondered whether it would cause havok with the band...?