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Monday, 30 August 2010

Information - and back from holidays

Been away on hols in Ibiza for last few days...will post more on that.

BUT excitingly, just before I went, I managed to speak to A, who gave me all sorts of info on her lap band journey.
A sounds like the loveliest person - she's fun, kind, life and soul of the party, and engaged. She had her gastric band fitted in 2003, and had very little in the way of blogs/forums/others to ask questions of, so she went at it alone... Because of that she is super keen to answer questions from those going through the same thing. Very lovely of her!

A started was at 20 stone (125 kg) when she got her lapband (I am about 4 stone (25 kg) less than this right now), so she was intrigued to find out why I'm going through this when I haven't yet reached the 20 stone mark...I suppose its a preventative messure...I keep putting on weight, and very much invisage that I'll end up far bigger if I don't do something about it now. 

A went privately for the operation, and got a year's aftercare. She told me about the month of liquids afterwards, and then a few weeks' worth of "mushies". We also talked about what the blog community call "PBs" ("productive burps"- yuk!). A said its good to know about these, as she wasn't told anything before her surgery. A's band was actually tightened too much - doing it privately, they don't want to fill the band slowly, so tightened it in one fail swoop! A few years later when A had actually lost too much weight, she became an NHS patient (national healthcare) and they asked how she had survived as the band had been too tight. They subsequently loosened it a bit, and A is now a stunning UK size 8-10 (US size 4 -6), with gorgeous long brown hair and big doe eyes.

So much of what A said made me think that I'm quite similar to her. I do love food, but am a bit of a food snob. I'm mostly vegetarian, so I don't eat burgers, not a fan of fried food, nor white bread. 

My downfalls are gorgeous gooey cheese (torta de dolceitalia or a super gruyere being my current favourites), and I am also partial to a little too much chocolate. My portions are probably all too big as well...hence the weight just keeps coming on, even though I go to the gym and "try" and live a healthy lifestyle. A had similar eating patterns, and also wasn't someone who was ignorant about the food she was eating. Her life is just revolutionalised now - she made me want to cry when she spoke about how she could just buy normal clothes from normal shops, and how she wakes up every morning and is so grateful for not being morbidly obese.

I cannot wait for this!

And onto holidays....Ibiza was as amazing as ever, although while everyone else is sharking the guys, I do feel I'm the fat invisible one. I very much gave out no signs of "come speak to me", so, of course, no guys did. Its difficult when the girls parade around like this:

Still, I had an amazing time with my girlfriends, went to incredible restaurants (KM5, Blue Marlin), danced in amazing clubs (Pacha) and swam in the sea every day.

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